Tuesday, May 27, 2014

When I am supposed to be working....11

If you have been following Spider-Man comics, there was recently a story line called Goblin Nation  where the Green Goblin pretty much took over all of New York City and Spider-Man (who is really Doc Octopus in disguise, it's complicated), has to stop him.

After reading the story, it inspired me to with an image in of the Goblin doing some sort of crazy pose. I did this while at work, instead of my paperwork.  I know, I am terrible at my job, but I am great at drawing!  I was particularly pleased with his maniac eyes coming out.

As with all work related pictures, I have done this with a ball point blue pen.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

College Comics 6

I am going to confess right now: I totally stole this punchline.  It was on some internet message board, so I can't exactly cite the source.  It was a good gag though.  Are emo kids still a thing?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Human Torch

I said that I completed Mark Waid's run of the Fantastic Four a little while back.  However, I am still jonesing for more Fantastic Four.  I drew up the Human Torch.

I really like this picture because I have had a problem drawing fire.  Fire is weird because it is not a solid, but you need to draw it like it has mass to it.  Most of the time, when I draw fire, it looks flat.  That is why here, I treated fire like I am shadowing something thin, like paper.  I also made sure that the little flames in the fire have shadows in them, so they give the flames more depth.

The Torch was done with a G2 gel pen, Papermate Flair, and a Sharpie.

Captain America and Bucky

It is a long time overdue, but who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier?  That movie, to put it lightly, was fantastic.  It inspired me to draw Captain America (whom I have drawn before) and Bucky (whom I have never drawn before, unless you count him as the Winter Soldier).

If I had a wish, I would change Cap's face.  It is a combination of him having to much of a chin and his mouth being super small, but he looks kinda fat in the face.

Bucky and Cap were done with a ball point pen and then traced over with a Papermate Flair medium tipped marker.  The shadows and explosions were done with a Sharpie fat marker.

Baron Blood

I was reading an article about comic book artist Jae Lee and I read how he draws Captain America villain Baron Blood with an upright nose-like a bat-to imply that he is a vampire.  I have never drawn Baron Blood before, but that got me juiced to doodle my version of him.

Baron Blood was done with Papermate Flair medium marker  and a Sharpie fat marker for his shadows.  If you are interested in Jae Lee's art like I am, click here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fox Sigil

Final Fox Sigil

Sketch of Fox Sigil

As part of my Animal Sigil project, the fox sigil was relatively easy.  I did not change much to it other than extend the ears and tighten up random, tiny details.  I really tried my hardest to make the fox look have a circle motif without it looking too much like the Firefox logo.

"This doesn't look the same, right?" I say as I ironically create this blog post on my Firefox browser.

Friday, May 2, 2014

College Comics 5

Here is another comic with a Myspace reference.  It is weird, I didn't draw these that long ago and yet this makes it feel really dated.  So here is a weird logistics thing.  This comic strip was supposed to come before the College Comic 4, but the print order got mixed up.  Normally, that is not important, but College Comic 4 had a subtle reference to this comic strip.