Oh, did you think I was referring to the Holy Trinity?  Sorry, I meant the trinity of the top superheroes in DC Comics: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

I have said in the past that I am really trying to experiment with the downward, bird's eye view shot.  I think it was a pretty successful.

Of all of the characters, Superman is the fugliest.  I made his face too fat.  I wish I saw it before I inked over my drawing.  I tried to make it less obvious by making his smile bigger, but it didn't work.

The drawing was done with a G2 gel pen (which sucked by the way, but it did provide good texture for Wonder Woman's hair).  I also used a Papermate Flair medium size marker for the majority of the lines and I used a .01 cm tip art pen to do the shadow lines on their legs.


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