When I am supposed to be working...19

Happy Labor Day, everybody! In honor of Labor Day, I am posting yet another picture I drew when I really should have been working.

This is the Spider Queen, one of the few female villains of Spider-Man.  She has the ability to control insects, turn people into giant bugs, telekinesis, super strength, and sonic scream.  She is pretty ridiculously powerful.  The last time she was in a comic, she was the mastermind behind the events of "Spider-Island", which in my opinion is one of the best comic book crossovers I've ever read.

I have been on a drawing spree with drawing female figures lately because I have been sort of relearning how to draw female anatomy.  I tried to make the Spider Queen as sexy as possible without it being over-the-top T and A.

Since I drew this at work, I used a blue ballpoint pen.


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