Star Lord Meme

Another "Guardians of the Galaxy" related meme; this time starring Star Lord!  (Who!??)  Since he was the leading man, Chris Pratt obviously had a lot of good lines from the movie.  I don't know if this line is the best, but it is the most meme-worthy.

I had a heck of a time trying to draw Star Lord without any defining costume features-like his mask or jacket-on him.  This made it even more important that I tried to get Pratt's likeness down pat.

 I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I hate drawing likenesses.  I am not the best at them (though sometimes I can do them) and it is hard for me to distinguish what is the biggest, most unique feature on a person's face.  For Chris Pratt,  his eyes are big but sloped down, his nose is big-ish, his hair long and curly, and his lips are thin.

Star Lord is done 90% with a G2 gel pen that is .07 mm thin.  The other 10% are done with a .01 mm art pen and fat tip Sharpie.


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