Superior Spider-Man Cast

Since the comic Superior Spider-Man wrapped up, I tried my hand in doing an homage to the iconic The Amazing Spider-Man no. 100 cover.

I tried to squeeze in as many cast members in this drawing.  I thought of all of the villains that the Superior Spider-Man fought and all of the major supporting cast.

For the record: Top-most row from Left to Right: 1.The Jester 2. The bottom of Betty Brant's face

Second Top Row: 3. J. Jonah Jameson 4. Captain America 5. Agent Venom 6. The Hobgoblin 7. The Green Goblin 8. Tiberious Stone

Third Middle Row: 9. The Vulture 10. Aunt May 11. J. Jonah Jameson Senior 12. A tiny face of Screwball 13. Robbie Robertson 14. Kinda half of Carlie Cooper's face

Fourth Middle Row: 14. Peter Parker 15. Massacre 16. The Spider Slayer 17. Overdrive 18. Cardiac 19. Anna Marconi

Bottom-Most Row: 20. The Beetle 21. The Shocker 22. Boomerang 23. Spider-Man 2099 24. The Living Brain 25. Mary Jane Watson

For comparison's sake, here is the original cover:
By John Romita Sr.


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