Lion Sigil

Final Lion Sigil

Sketch of Lion Sigil

Just like my Fox Sigil, the Lion Sigil was a relatively easy one for me to make.  Actually, that is not necessarily true.  Once I figured what pose I wanted for my lion, it was easy to make.  At first I wanted the lion roaring.  And then I wanted a 30 degree angle face turn for the lion.  I then settled on the picture of a lion drinking water.  As I drew it, I dropped the tongue from the picture and just drew a regular lion.


As you can see in the comparison, the differences between the Final and the sketch are pretty miniscule.  I made the ears bigger and made the head more balanced within the mane.  I also elongated his face in the final one more.  For more of the Animal Sigil Sketches, just click here.


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