Elephant Sigil

Of all of the Animal Sigils, the elephant is the hardest one for me to crack.  I initially got the idea online from googling  "Elephant Logos".  I then drew this up as a quick sketch just to get a feel for an elephant's shape.  I was not happy with it because the eyes are too high up, the head shape looks like a weird ping pong paddle, and I felt that the trunks were too far away from the rest of the head.

Initial Sketch
What I did next was tighten up the head by making the tusk black and bringing everything closer together (eyes, ears, and trunk).  It looks a lot better, despite the fact that the head now resembles an upside down guitar and the eyes were crooked.  Notice the little notes that I drew for myself at the bottom.  The scan doesn't show them too well, but they are quickie sketches of how an African elephant's ears should look.

Second Sketch of Elephant Sigil

I redrew it for a third time. The shapes of the elephant came out a lot better than my previous attempts!  The ears are better connected to the head and the trunk looks more like an actual elephant's trunk.  I also changed the ear shapes and reversed the tusks' orientation to make it look more scientifically accurate.  I also decided to make the tusks its natural white color again. The eyes are also the more traditional ones, instead of my previous attempts at trying to create eye shadows.
Almost completed Third Sketch

Finally, I sent it to my friend and he made some minor adjustments to the head to give it a more scientifically accurate look for an Asian elephant.  Hence, the chiseled ears, modified trunk, and head bumps.

Final Elephant Sigil


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