Movie Madness!!! 8

"No matter what happens, stay who you are.  Not just a soldier, but a good man."

This post of Movie Madness is a bit tougher to get.  But, if you are a fan like I am, you would recognize it is a scene from "Captain America: The First Avenger" (2011).

Actually, behind "Iron Man", the Captain America movie is actually my favorite of the Avengers solo movies.  But to be fair, that is like asking me which one is my favorite child.  There is something powerful and refreshing to see Captain America, or Steve Rogers in this scene, be a hero who is unconditionally heroic and good-hearted.  It's exactly the kind of hero in a time where everybody else is a cynical anti-hero.

As with all Movie Madness posts, it is done exclusively with a fat tip Sharpie pen with a dried up Sharpie for the grey areas.


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