When I am supposed to be working 7

Top (L to R): Captain Universe, Captain Marvel, and Scarlet Witch
Bottom (L to R): Spider- Woman, Mocking Bird, Black Widow, and Wasp

I enjoy drawing girls.  However, drawing the female form is something that I (and most male artists) constantly struggle to do. This is a nice exercise in trying to draw different looking females with distinctive looks.  These are some of the most well known female members of the Avengers.

There is Captain Universe, a new super powerful character; Captain Marvel, a super strong, energy shooting Air Force pilot; Scarlet Witch, reality warping mutant, who is played by Elizabeth Olsen in the upcoming Avengers  sequel; Spider-Woman, no relation to Spider-Man; Mocking Bird, a bo staff wielding assassin; Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, and finally, the Wasp, the female founding member of the Avengers.

This was done with a blue ball point pen.


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