The Creature from the Black Lagoon

I mentioned it before here that I love the Creature From the Black Lagoon.  He is a classic Universal Studios monster that has a fantastic visual.  He looks gross and bumpy, but you can't help but stare at him some more.

This was a challenge to draw for two reasons.  First, I had to figure a way to show his reptilian, bumpy skin texture.  I am glad that I took the time to draw the individual bumps despite it being very time consuming.  It turned out great!  My other obstacle was drawing action underwater.  It's very hard to make it look convincing.  For this, I consulted my "Aquaman" comics to see how motion is done.  It is always good to get reference material.  There is no shame in it!

For the picture, I used a G2 gel pen to draw some of the water lines and the basic figure.  Then I used every different pen width to get the texture of the Creature, including the Staedtler .01, .03, and .08 cm pens.  When drawing water bubbles, I utilized all the different pen size to get the extra depth in the bubble clouds.  I also used the Papermate Flair medium tip pen to darken the outlines of certain parts of the Creature's body like his  right hand.


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