"By the bristling beard of Odin, what unearthly magic prevents Mioljnir from moving!?"

So I saw "Thor: The Dark World" yesterday night.  I will probably draw about my feelings regarding the movie.  Anyways, in the meantime, here is Loki playing a trick on his half-brother, Thor.  If you can't tell, Loki is holding a bottle of glue and Thor is...well you can guess what happened to Thor.

I like this picture, but I wished that I made the bottle of glue more prominent.  Maybe if I have spare time, I will redraw it again.

It is done with the Papermate Flair medium tipped pen with the Staedtler art pen for tiny details.

Here is the original sketch that I posted a few weeks ago.

I have all the essentials for an artist on my desk here, including: a pencil, sketch paper, a jury duty summons, and canned salmon.


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