Future Foundation

(Top) Mister Fantastic
(Middle) Spider-Man
(L to R) Invisible Woman and the Thing
Once upon a time, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four was killed and the team reformed into the Future Foundation.  The big change was that Spider-Man replaced the Human Torch and they all got new, snazzy white costumes instead of their traditional black and blue ones.  Nowadays, the Torch turned out not to be dead (because, y'know, comics...), they called themselves the Fantastic Four again, and Spider-Man left the team, but they still kept the awesome white suits.  I personally hope this is a permanent costume change for the team.

I am a fan of using Gestalt-like images in pictures.  Gestalt is when u only have a part of a picture drawn, so it allows your brain to fill in the rest.  It's also simple looking, but also challenging to coordinate the lines and figures' placements.

Another thing about the Fantastic Four is that I will probably not show a lot of pictures with them here for one simple reason:  I HATE DRAWING THE THING.  I cannot ever draw him well.  I can't find a way to make him look rocky, but still human looking. I especially can never get his face right. One day I will figure it out, but until then, take a good long look at Ben Grimm, because you won't see too much of him in these parts.

The picture was drawn with a G2 gel pen, a .03 cm tipped Millennium art pen (for fine details), and a fat tip Sharpie marker (for the big, black areas).


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