Hey! After all these months, here is a picture that is finally in color!  I will make a confession to all of you guys: I hate painting and coloring.  I don't know why, perhaps I have deep-seated issues that goes back to a disturbing incident in my childhood.  Whatever the case may be, I know that I have been depriving people of colored pictures.

So if you haven't seen the movies, this is the Minion from Despicable Me.  My personal feelings of the movies are that they are overrated and the minions are overused.  I know it is against popular opinion, but I stand by my word.

Anyhoot, this was done with extremely thin tipped Crayola markers.  I was shocked how thin and effective the markers were.  It is a genuine pleasant surprise when you discover that you don't need fancy, expensive art supplies to make a decent picture.


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