When I am supposed to be working... 3

Here is a great Thor sketch that I did instead of working at my job. It's hard to tell, but I drew this on binder paper, while using a blue ballpoint pen.

Sometimes  when drawing superheroes, it gives you a bit a license to play with the anatomy a little bit.  That is what I did here with Thor.  When you look at his pose as a whole, it looks very dynamic and action-packed.  However, if you study it, the anatomy is not perfect.  For example, he is technically missing an entire left leg and his right leg is cut below the knee.  But, since it makes sense on a general level-within the context of the rest of the body- people overlook such flaws.

I am currently on something of a Thor high at the moment, since he has a new movie coming out soon. I also just finished reading the first 12 issues of the Thor: God of Thunder comic book, which is easily the most heavy metal comic I've read recently.  When I finished, I had a deep yearning to blast loud rock music and paint the side of a van with skulls and axes.  Do yourself a favor and check out Thor: God of Thunder #1 through 12.


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