Iron Man 3 Mandarin's Voice

I assume that the director told Ben Kingsley that sounding like a ghost = scary, villain voice.
So the other day I bought "Iron Man 3" on Blu Ray.  One of the things that I loved about "Iron Man 3" was how over-the-top Ben Kingsley's Mandarin voice is.  He talks like in a gruff dad tone.  He also alternates between drawing out his syllables and then talking rapidly.  That is really hilarious to me.  It also makes it really fun to quote him with my friends.

When he says that line in the movie trailer, I really thought that the audio on my computer was broken for a moment.

I initially drew this cartoon as a reaction to the trailer.  It is also one the few times that I drew in chibi form.  I drew the lines with a Papermate Flair medium tip marker and filled in the blacks with a fat tip Sharpie marker.

Also, as a bonus, watch the trailer and judge the Mandarin's voice for yourself.


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