Wolverine Screaming to the Sky

"YYYEAAARRGGHH Kelly Clarkson!!!"

This picture is from my "Random Thoughts on 'The Wolverine'" post.  I just reposted it because I figured people would want to see a better view of it.

I drew this picture with an assortment of pens.  I used the G2 get pen, then inked it over again using the Papermate Flair medium size tip marker.  I then added the fine details like his tank top lines or shading underneath his chin with a .03 cm thick tip Staedtler pen.  Finally, I wrote "AAARGH!" with a fat Sharpie and used a dried up Sharpie to draw the dark and grey lines radiating from the from the letters.

Screaming is a quintessential thing that Wolverine does.  It is only behind "having claws", "healing from fatal wounds", and "saying 'Bub'".  Don't believe me?  Check this video out from Vulture.com.


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