Thoughts on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

In news that is important to only me, the costume for Captain America in his upcoming movie, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" looks....really underwhelming.

It went from this in "The Avengers"....

"Forward, hhhhhooooeeee!!!"

To looking like this in "The Winter Soldier"....

Ah yes, defending the good ol' blue, grey, and blue!

There is a pretty huge difference in design!!  The new costume does look pretty cool though, just not as the main suit for a Captain America movie!  Yes, he did wear it in the comic books, but it is such an odd choice as the suit that you will see in most of the movie.  It would be like doing a Superman movie and then making him wear this little number....

Superman has 90's fashion trends to thank for this costume.

The good news is that I heard that the all-blue costume is a part of Captain America's character arc and that by the end of the movie he will be back in the red, white, and blue suit.


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