Here is my foray into fashion model sketching.  I always liked the way fashion designers do these quick, dirty sketches where there is barely a figure, but excellent looking clothes.

I actually cannot make up fashion.  I have no imagination when it comes to designing clothes.  So, I was reduced to stealing a fashion catalog from my girlfriend and copying a model from their pictures.  Overall, I really liked how it turned out.  It's a good exercise to do the female model form.

For this sketch I used a lot of thin tipped pens.  My Millenium .08 cm thick pen for the shading and thicker lines and Staedtler .03 cm thick pen for the slightly thinner lines.  The majority of the picture, including those sketch lines, is done with my Staedtler .01 cm thick pen.  This is the thinnest pen tip I have and it gives me a lot of ability to make small details or to sketch out lines that are softer looking.


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