Random Thoughts on "The Last Action Hero"

Now here is an old movie that I have never seen until yesterday.  And, by golly, I wished I saw this as a kid, because this movie is awesome.

For those of you who don't know, "The Last Action Hero" was a movie where a kid who loves Arnold Schwarzenegger movies gets sucked into an action movie starring-you guessed it- Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!

Here are some random thoughts that sorta has the structure of a movie review.

The only way the puns would have been better if they were followed up by this...

This movie is great.  Unfortunately, it also was a box office flop at the time.  After a little Wikipedia research, I discovered why.  It's because the movie came out a week right after this one.....

So understandably nobody would want to watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie when they still had dinosaurs on the brain.


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