I always liked Hawkeye as one of my favorite Avengers.  There is something really appealing about his blue-collar attitude, treating the Avengers like a job.  He also currently has a comic that is easily one of the best on the market today.

I drew this picture yesterday because I was inspired by an interview with David Aja, the artist on the Hawkeye comic.  The way he breaks down a panel or transitions from a sketch to a fully inked page is a sight to behold.  Click here for the article.

I drew this initially with a mechanical pencil, then inked it over with a G2 black gel pen.  After that, I inked it over again using a medium size Paper Mate Flair pen (for thicker lines) and a .01 inch-tipped Millennium art pen (for the really light shading or ultra fine details).  And after that, I colored in the shadows with a Super Twin Tip Sharpie marker.  I also used the Sharpie to outline certain parts of Hawkeye's body to make it pop more, like his hand.


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