Monday, August 29, 2016

Joker and Harley Quinn

Yes yes, I did watch Suicide Squad a few weeks ago. And yes, yes, this picture is a direct inspiration of that movie. So what did I think of the movie itself? Eeeeehhhhh..... It was not that great.

Why is that? It was pretty incomprehensible as a movie. People make logical leaps or act super stupid. The most ridiculous part is that the trailers hype the Joker to be a huge part of the movie, but then it turns out.... spoiler alert! He is barely in the movie and actually does not impact the movie's plot at all!!

As a fan, my biggest problem with the movie was portraying the Joker and Harley Quinn as this star-crossed couple who are in love. But really, the Joker was an abusive narcissistic boyfriend who treats Harley as nothing more than an object to be used. It really is kinda gross how they just gloss that over. There is an article on Dark Knight News that really addresses the issue articulately.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spider-Man versus Green Goblin

When I first used Medibang Paint, I initially assumed that I can color pictures that I already drew by hand and then scan it into my iPad. Unfortunately I realized that the app does not count the whites of the picture to be transparent, so if I paint, then the color will cover the picture too.

Fortunately, I found a way sort of around that issue. I can lower the opacity of the paints and then I can color the picture without it totally washing out the details. Of course, the downside of this technique is that the coloring is splotchy and uneven. This was a quick paint over; more of an exercise of how my black and white picture looks like with color.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Batman Rebirth

Another design I did using the Medibang Paint app. I really like Batman's new Rebirth costume. The yellow around the bat symbol makes it pop more, which I thought was a problem in some of the more recent Batman costumes, like the Dark Knight suit. The cowl's shoulder piece has three points to it too, which is like a subtle bat-motif. Finally, the purple on the insides of the cape gives Batman more color than he is typically used to and harkens back to his original costume when he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 with purple gloves. The purple is a color that Batman is not typically associated with, but the purples contrasts with his grey figure nicely.

Even though the costume is not normally this....bright, it was a conscious choice to lighten the purple of his cape because I wanted the image to have a more pop art-effect. Originally, I had the entire back image be purple, implying the cape is super big. But I liked to show the scallops of the cape to make sure people understand the shape of the cape.

The biggest challenge was to put Batman in as much shadow as possible without losing the details. For example, I initially drew the shadows covering a lot more of his face, but then I started to lose where are the eyes supposed to be and the placement of the nose. Another challenge is coloring the cape and cowl black without literally making it black. I used the darkest grey I can make that is dark enough to imply black, but light enough to discriminate it from the black of the shadows. It worked out fine. The other helpful technique is that I can add a lighter grey to highlight where the light hits Batman's cape and face.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Punisher

"One batch. Two batch. Penny for a dime...."
When I heard those words in the Daredevil season 2 trailer, it sent shivers down my spine. If you haven't caught Netflix's Daredevil, the show features the Punisher in a prominent role and it is great. New Punisher actor Jon Bernthal was great and creepy.

For the picture, I tried to go with a more watercolor effect for the background. The skull at the bottom is blurred by using a light grey color and then lowering the opacity level of it to give it an uneven look. The same technique was used for the skull on his suit too.

I normally hate doing likenesses because I am not very good at them, but I think I got Bernthal's likeness down. He has a skinny head, big nose, and a very short haircut in the show. All it takes is exaggerating a few facial traits to capture the look of the actor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

When I am supposed to be working: Captain America

Here is a little doodle I drew when I was bored one day. I drew on a pamphlet that had a binder paper look with 'fake' drawings on it. So while it looks like I drew it on binder paper, it is actually nice, slick paper with a binder paper design.

Not that any of this matters. I want to really bring the attention to Captain America. I really liked the way the shadows fell on his body. I originally was not going to make his right side covered in shadows, but when I was sketching, I noticed that I can use it to establish a light source. That is something that I am still struggling with sometimes: making sure I have a consistent source of light, by making the shadows consistently on the same side. I still don't know if I successfully established that. Cap's shield may be not quite in line with the shadowing of the rest of Cap's body.

The foreshortening of Cap's left arm is pretty good. It is difficult to make sure that Cap's forearm is bigger than his shoulder here because it establishes the perspective and depth in the shot. At first, I wasn't sure if I properly foreshortened his arm the appropriate length but after stepping back and looking at it again, I think it looks natural.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Daredevil Red

Here is something that I didn't specifically color, since it is just a sheet of red behind Daredevil, but it is an example of how coloring can really help enhance the mood of a picture.

This was done digitally on MediBang Paint, but unlike the previous posts, this picture is more of an exercise of how to utilize the gestalt images and let the shadows define Daredevil's figure.  As great as the image would look in black and white, the red really gives the picture a different feeling. One thing, it is appropriate for the character since Daredevil's costume is red, but it also makes the mood of it seem so solemn and maybe even a hint of violence.