Thursday, August 27, 2015

When I am supposed to be working...Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is probably one of the most popular new characters that Marvel has released in the past five years.  I think the key to her popularity is the fact that Marvel treats her like a normal, fan-girl 16 year old teen and not some sex bomb.  I mean compare a Ms. Marvel comic to-for example- a Supergirl comic.  Super girl comes off as incredibly sexy and you forget the fact that she is only a teenager.  Ms. Marvel on the other hand feels like a fresh breath of air.

I am sure you can tell, but my Ms. Marvel figure originally had a running pose rather than her standing pose (you can still see the sketch lines of her legs running).  I changed her pose to look slightly more awkward because I: a) wanted to give her more of the gawky teenage character to it and b) prove that I am not trying to hide drawing feet in a picture.  I liked the pose and the shadowing that went into her costume.  One thing I wished I could change is her eyes.  They look too heavy-lidded and not enough of that wide-eyed look.  it doesn't match her personality, in my opinion.  I am also pleased with my background.  The  only real complaint is that I realized that the Circle Q (a frequent locale in Ms. Marvel's comic) has the incorrect logo. D'oh!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It has been a little over a year since Guardians of the Galaxy came to theaters and our hearts.  To think, prior to the movie's trailers, most of us haven't even heard the song Hooked on a Feeling. What could we do without it now?

I really like Nebula's look in the movie.  She his simple, but interesting looking and she is also the only prominent female villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so that has to count towards something.  I recently read the first issue of Guardians Team-Up where-as the title implies- the Guardians of the Galaxy teams up with different superheroes each issue.  The villain for the first issue was Nebula, who was skillfully drawn by Art Adams. I really liked the way Adams depicted her and streamlined her movie costume a little bit to look more comic booky.
By Art Adams
I'd figure that I would go ahead and take a stab and my depiction of Nebula.  I really enjoy doing these downward, bird's eye-view shots of the character, making me foreshorten the torso and legs. It is easier for me to do now and the effect it gives looks really cool.  I have  been using less smaller pens and utilizing more of a fatter marker in my drawings because I like the bold, heavy lines it gives me. It is also more consistent that the smaller art pens, which tends to abruptly stop working midway thru drawing a line.  The marker also gives me more control over how smooth and thick I want my lines to be.  Of all things to be proud of in this picture, I like how the shadows sync up so well with Nebula's body and swords. It is a small detail, but it really makes the picture give an added depth of realism.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Old Bay Con Sketches

Back in 2012, I did some volunteer work for Santa Clara's Sci-Fi convention Bay Con.  During my volunteer duties, I seemed to have found time to draw all over the convention program book.  I recently found my copy of the program and decided to put it up on the blog as a reminder of how I can be a good artist and also a poor one.

I liked the Black Widow picture (above) a lot because she looks very dynamic despite being constrained by the program's graphics. It was also one of the few times that I used a pencil to draw and the gradation looked pretty decent.

On the other hand, it is very hard to look at my old Hawkeye drawing.  What is happening to his short arms? Or his truncated torso, or his meaty wrists, or his weird chest? there are a lot of anatomy problems with the picture. I really can't stand looking at the picture very long without slapping myself in the face and saying, "Wrong, wrong, WRONG!" Let's just chalk it up to a learning exercise in how to better draw the human figure.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When I am supposed to be working....Dr. Fate

I have been watching Young Justice on Netflix recently and I really responded to Dr. Fate's  costume design on the show.  It was slightly tweaked to make it look a lot cooler than the normal comic design.  What is more is that I never felt like the redesign on the show was too busy looking, something that I cannot say for the New 52 designs of their superheroes.

Combined with the inspiration to draw Dr. Fate's new design and hearing news of Marvel Studios upcoming new movie Dr. Strange- a movie that will be inspired by magical, psychedelic designs-I drew this piece when I was in class.

There is something appealing in the weird simplistic circles that surround Dr. Fate.  They are inspired by the Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange drawings. They look weird, but they are also really easy to draw.  You may note that there are some circles that have more dark lines around them. That was my attempt in trying to vary the different line thicknesses, but I guess it doesn't look that great. Fortunately, the circles look really good when I make them look squiggly and slightly misshapen.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Kate Bisop Hawkeye

Hey-yo!! For those in the know for comics, there are actually two people with the name Hawkeye running around currently.  And one of them is a girl!!  The original Hawkeye (Clint Barton) took the younger Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) under his wing and is doing a partner/mentor role with her.  While they fight crime together, I feel like that it must be confusing to say, "Watch out world here comes the crime fighting duo of Hawkeye and Hawkeye!!" This is something that Batman would never allow to happen. Anyways, I digress...

The picture of Kate Bishop Hawkeye  is based on her costume that she wore in the original Young Avengers comic (it is also my personal favorite one).  I had this crazy image in my head were she would be evading something and does a leap.  I actually drew the pose out in stick figure form first and then drew out the whole image.  Also note that it is totally drawn on binder paper.  The reason for that is because I drew the sketch in pencil at work, but loved the image so much I went home and finished it off using my nicer markers (Papermate Flair medium tip, to be exact) and ended up giving it a much more polished look.  I particularly like the foreshortening of her torso so really, I just drew her boobs and then her butt.  It is a surprisingly tricky thing to do because if you draw the butt in the wrong area or draw it too big, then it just looks like she is a squatty, fat person.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Michael B. Jordan Human Torch

One thing that I have mentioned before on this blog is how terrible I am at doing likenesses.  And yet, when I do art events, doing caricatures is something that I always get asked to do.  I  cannot tell you why I am so bad at doing them, though I suspect that is has to do with being too focused on one detail (such as eyes) and then neglecting how the rest of the face should look.

Well here is my attempt at Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch in the just-released, highly-derided Fantastic Four movie. Or if you want to get specific, according to the studios, the new Fant4stic Four movie.

Let me tell you my personal feelings on the Michael B. Jordan casting of a typically white character. I don't have any qualms about diversity in movies, particularly comic book movies.  My biggest concern is diversity for the sake of diversity.  In the case with Fantastic Four, it is diversity that actually interferes with the storyline and background of other characters.  In the comics, Johnny and Sue Storm are brother and sister.  However, in the movie, Sue Storm is adopted and non-American.  This is the type of storytelling gymnastics that serves to complicate a character's background. How do they relate to each other if they obviously know that one is adopted? How does the world treat them differently, as opposed to a same-race sibling relationship? These are questions that sorta need to be addressed, but aren't.

Okay....deep breaths..... So getting back to my picture, I didn't quite capture Jordan's likeness well. In this case, I think it was due to his nose being too far from his eyes, which makes his face look longer than it really should be. Once again, I hope to eventually perfect my technique for drawing good likenesses.  Here is a picture of the real Michael B.  Jordan for comparison and you can be the judge.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Madame Masque

Madame Masque is one of those Iron Man villains that I am surprised was never used in a movie.  She is a love interest who has an evil side, that seems to be the kind of stuff that filmmakers would eat up. Oh well.  In any case, she is the daughter of a mob boss who dated Tony Stark until she got into a horrible accident that scarred her.  The best way to describe her is this following scene from the comic The New Avengers; Illuminati #4:
By Jimmy Cheung

Lately, I have been really going crazy with the crosshatching.  I really like the way the lighting is on the blacks of her costume.  Also, her female form looks great.  It is rare that a pose that I want is literally translated onto the page, so it is great when she looks exactly how I imagined.

If you can't tell, this was done all in pen, so you can see all of the sketch lines.  Beyond that, you can also see that I drew this on binder paper, so this is not the most polished looking drawing.